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One of the very important methods of making your page, website, product or brand have a greater visibility and thus the first page Google ranking is search engine optimisation which in turn uses a number of techniques to do the required task.

Content creation and content marketing is one such thing. A good content has a number of keywords which are then scrawled over by Google crawler and thus increase in the ranking by Google.

However, not everybody understands the importance keywords to the best and the problem of keyword stuffing occurs.

Keyword stuffing definitions

Keyword stuffing is a practice of inserting keywords in your content much more than required to make your content and there by site rank on the top pages of Google and there by artificially attracting more number of readers to your blog.

Here one must note that the amount of keyword in the blog plays a very vital role in making your page being scrawled by Google but too much of the same in the content can actually be detrimental to it because then not only will it make the blog unreadable, it will also be either blocked by the search engine or will not be ranked higher as per Google norms.

So for example, if you are selling a pair of gloves, with the keyword being gloves, the content which shows the Keyword stuffing would be:

“Buy these gloves to make your hands feel warmer during winters. These gloves are stylish and easily washable. You can also wash these gloves in the machines and also, these gloves can be hand washed”.

Well one would think that using the desired keyword can make your blog more readable and thus attracting and luring audience to buy them, you can be highly mistaken. Because this will make the audience feel irritated with whatever you content is about, along with getting off from your page as quickly as possible.

This will increase the bounce rate and decline the ranking of your site.

How can you avoid it?

The only way to avoid keyword stuffing is being smart with your content and create your blogs and articles creatively, keeping in mind the accurate keyword density as allowed by Google. As per the regulations of Google, the allowed keyword density is between 1.5 to 2.5% ideally.

Anything more than that would be called keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing doesn’t work because when the search engine crawler examines your site, its algorithm can quickly determine if keywords are used an unreasonable number of times. If your site contains an unnaturally high density of one single keyword, your site will actually drop in the rankings rather than rise. In severe cases, your site could be removed from the search engine index completely

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