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What was the difficulty?

01.Our company was handed over the responsibility of developing the iOS and android for this app, which is based on the concept of tracking things and belongings of the people. The challenges that our developers faced were numerous. The app had to be made compatible with the phone so that you can use your phone itself as the seekit device. Making an app that would track the location of your belongings needed a lot development on the UI so that it is handy for users.

02.Tag your keys, your wallets, your camera or any other belonging to keep them safe, always. Use your phone to make Seekit buzz and glow to help you find your misplaced belonging.

03.There are numerous features of this app, such as DND, pickpocket, SOS mode, Selfie mode, wifi secure mode, Crowd GPS etc.

04.Integrating the app with all these features was a challenge for our team.

05.Developing such an app and making it compatible with all such devices and making it easy to use was a real challenge that we faced during the development of this app.

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webcoir case studies
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