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Google Penalty Recovery SEO Services

A wide range of things can cause your website traffic or rankings to suddenly drop, but penalties assessed by Google are among the primary things we glance for when diagnosing the matter. Links to a low-quality site, hidden text, keyword-stuffed content, and more can trip one of Google’s penalty filters and knock you out of a good spot on search engine results pages.

We offer penalty assessment services to spot on- and off-page factors which will have resulted in site wide or page-specific penalties on your site, also as recovery services to assist your site get back on track to regain traffic and rankings. Learn about our prices for SEO penalty recovery services.

Google Penalty Recovery Services Includes:

Panda Recovery Services

The penalties afflicted by the Google Panda algorithm are primarily due to low-quality content. We take the appropriate corrective action in case your online business is affected by this penalty.

Penguin Recovery Services

Google's Penguin algorithm would penalize your website if it has poor quality backlinks. We ensure an in-depth analysis of your backlinks before initiating corrective measures.

Manual Recovery Services

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Google constantly tweaks its algorithms and filters to extend the relevance of search results to its users. It doesn’t want us to possess to seem very far or for very long for the proper information, so anything Google deems a barrier thereto — like spammy links that direct users to places they don’t want to go — can affect site rankings. There are hundreds of Google ranking factors, but when it comes to the main penalties, there are some specific factors at work. Here’s a summary:

Panda Recovery Services

Panda is an algorithmically applied filter for on-site factors, such as low-quality content or large quantities of duplicate content on your site. In general, Panda gauges the quality of a site when determining rankings.

Penguin Recovery Services

Penguin is not technically a penalty; it’s a filter that devalues spammy links that point back to your site. If your rankings are being affected by Penguin, we can help with recovery services.

Our first step in fixing a Penguin problem is to do a comprehensive links audit. We look for patterns of manipulation such as:

  • Keyword anchor texts that are over-optimized.
  • Links from sites with low credibility.
  • Comment spam links.
  • Links embedded in spun articles that are submitted to in large volumes to article banks.
  • Site-wide links in sidebars and footers.
  • Links exchange.
  • Links extensively embedded in design templates and widgets.
  • Paid links.

Manual Recovery Services

Manual penalties are not levied automatically — a human on Google’s web spam team makes the call on assessing a manual penalty. Manual penalties can come from Google seeing evidence of an involvement in link schemes or deceptive link practices, including unnatural outbound or inbound links.

Why Us?

Many SEO consultants can offer advice about how to recover from a penalty or Google update, but many of them fail to understand the difference between all the various types of penalties and updates that can harm your site, including:
Google Panda
Google Penguin
Link Devaluation
Links Warning
Anchor Text
Exact Match
Google Possum

Our Working Process






03.Tracking and Reporting

Why Choose WebCoir For Google Penalty & Recovery Marketing:

Being the best Google Penalty & Recovery Marketing company in Noida, we understand the demand of the digital market and our clients need to succeed in this era of technology. We work directly with our customers to understand their goals, requirements and understand their brand, business goals and voice, including mobile phones and any other digital medium.

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Panda algorithm update, launched in 2011, ensures that high-quality sites rank higher in search results and lower quality sites are pushed further down. The quality of sites is determined primarily by the originality and relevance of the content on the website. The algorithm penalizes the existence of content farms that copy content or produce really thin content for the sake of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can improve your site’s rankings in search engine results. You need SEO services because:

Penguin algorithm update, launched in 2012, ensures that websites do not engage in black hat link building techniques for manipulating search engine rankings. It rewards websites with better search rankings if they focus on getting quality, authoritative and relevant backlinks and penalizes them with lower rankings if they do otherwise.

If your website is hit by the Panda Penalty, here are the things we would do to recover from it:

We shall review the quality of content on your website for errors, originality, grammar, and relevance to the target audience. Post review, we shall rectify it so that it adheres to guidelines.

We will also review and correct your website if you have overstuffed it with SEO friendly keywords. Finally, we will ensure that your website is re-indexed by Google post implementing corrective measures.

Should your website be affected by the Penguin penalty, our team would actively work on eliminating the unnatural backlinks by removing them manually or by using the disavow tool. We will make sure that your website has high-quality links and is not over-optimized with anchor text. Our team will also update your website with quality pages to earn authoritative backlinks.

It usually takes around 3-12 months for measurable results to appear via an off page SEO campaign (when implemented in conjunction with on page SEO). For a full breakdown please see our article How Long Does SEO Take.

SEO helps you to market your organization's brand products on numerous platforms including social media networking sites. People who use these channels to browse for the products or services they have to shop for can rate the standard of what your organization is selling them by their experience. Click here.

WebCoir prides itself in being a full-suite digital services company. Whether you need a website designed, need to promote your app or have SEO requirements (or all the above) we can seamlessly work together to help you achieve transformational growth.

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